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Rakebacks In Online Poker

What is Rakeback?

When you play poker online line and in a brick and mortar casino, sometimes you have to pay what is known as a rake. A rake is the commission the house takes for hosting the poker game and in most casinos of all varieties, it is usually only five percent of the generated pot up to a maximum amount of $3.00. $3.00 may not sound like much, but when you play ten to fifteen hands of poker, it adds up, especially if you play online at multiple tables at a time.

Rakebacks are a form of refund that many online poker rooms give back to the players. However, you cannot just sign up for a poker room and ask them for your rakeback. Some poker rooms have advertised that they have this program, but the majority of them do not nor do they authorize rakebacks to be given to players in any form.

Here is how a player can take part in a rakeback. Poker room affiliates are usually the ones that offer rakebacks to the player. Please realize that they are violating the agreement with the poker room itself not to do this if such an agreement is in place. This makes it very easy for you to stumble across a crooked site that could cause you to lose your online poker account and your winnings. If you want to participate in a rakeback program through an affiliate, research the affiliate thoroughly to make sure they are the genuine article and reliable.

Once you have found one, you can join their rakeback program. When the poker room pays their affiliates between 25-35% of the months generated rakes. The affiliates then pay you up to 95% of your rakes on a monthly basis, paying it directly to your cash poker account. It’s nice to see extra money in there, isn’t it?

One of the reasons why some online poker rooms offer rakebacks is to attract new customers. Rakebacks are usually not advertised, however, because of the generous sign-up bonuses that are usually offered. Online casinos can also offer them because their overhead is traditionally lower than a land-based one, so giving people an extra incentive to join their room as compared to someone else’s is quite appealing.

Poker rakebacks are not a myth. They are real and online poker rooms do have systems set in place to pay them. If you Google the term ‘rakeback’, you’ll find a list of online poker rooms that feature the program and how to go about joining it. Who knows? You may be a member of that poker room already and can now get more of your money back.